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Execute Actions in ODATA Entities & CALLING IN MICROSOFT Flow/Power Automate/Logic Apps

Requirement –

  1. Developing & adding actions on OData entities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations
  2. Consuming and calling Data entity action in Microsoft Flow or Logic Apps Or Microsoft Power Automate


  • Create or develop a custom data entity. Read More:
  • Add a new method in your custom data entity by using Attribute -SysODataActionAttribute & SysODataCollectionAttribute
[SysODataActionAttribute("demoExecuteActionListParm", true),
        SysODataCollectionAttribute("InventSiteIdList", Types::String),
     SysODataCollectionAttribute("return", Types::String)]
    public str demoExecuteActionListParm(List InventSiteIdList)
				str	siteCommaSeperated;
				List list = new List(Types::String);
				ListEnumerator  ListEnumerator;
				ListEnumerator = InventSiteIdList.getEnumerator();
				while (ListEnumerator.moveNext())
          siteCommaSeperated += strFmt('%1, ', ListEnumerator.current()) ;

				return '200 OK:Testing Of Odata Entity ExecuteAction has been completed!! Values = ' + siteCommaSeperated;
  • Build and synchronize your project
  • Test your flow and get response successfully.