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D365 FO/AX7: Create A New Prod Branch In VSTS/Azure DevOps

Introduction : In Microsoft Dynamics 365 & VSTS/Azue DevOps practice, it is always recommended to use a separate branch for production deployment else incomplete code of developer will get included in production deployment package.Developers checkedIn code or any development changes frequently in one dev branch but package should not be created from that branch in which developer is doing checkIn. Only required changes should be merged from dev branch to prod branch in Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operation & VSTS/Azue DevOps. Please click here to read my post – D365 FO/AX7: Merge Branches Or Moving Changes from One Branch To Another in VSTS/Azure DevOps

Requirement : Create A New Production Branch In VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services)/Azure DevOps & Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations.

Once Branch of production will be created you can merge code from DEV branch to PROD branch as per requirement.In next tutorial i will show you how can we merge code from one branch to another.

  • Login to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations development server.
  • Open visual studio in Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations development server using run as administrator.
  • Click on VIEW tab and open TEAM EXPLORER in Visual studio of D365 fo development server.
  • Create a NEW BRANCH.