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D365/AX7: Extend ‘canSubmitToWorkflow’ in standard & base tables without over-layering


There is no standard workflow feature in available process ‘Request For Quotations’.There is a requirement of enabling customised workflow in standard process called ”and base table ‘PurchRFQCaseTable’ and form ‘PurchRFQCaseTableListPage’


In current version of D365/AX7, there is no possible way to use or extend method ‘canSubmitToWorkflow’ in standard table like PurchRFQCaseTable without overlayering.Also there is no event listed in table PurchRFQCaseTable related to ‘canSubmitToWorkflow’.

Sample Code and Instructions

[code language = “cpp”]

final class ACXFormDataUtil_Extension

public static boolean canSubmitToWorkflow(Common _record, str _workflowType)
boolean ret = next canSubmitToWorkflow(_record, _workflowType);
if (_record.TableId == tableNum(PurchRFQCaseTable))
return true;
return ret;