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D365/AX7: Extend ‘canSubmitToWorkflow’ in standard & base tables without over-layering


There is no standard workflow feature in available process ‘Request For Quotations’.There is a requirement of enabling customised workflow in standard process called ”and base table ‘PurchRFQCaseTable’ and form ‘PurchRFQCaseTableListPage’


In current version of D365/AX7, there is no possible way to use or extend method ‘canSubmitToWorkflow’ in standard table like PurchRFQCaseTable¬†without overlayering.Also there is no event listed in table PurchRFQCaseTable¬†related to ‘canSubmitToWorkflow’.

Sample Code and Instructions

[code language = “cpp”]

final class ACXFormDataUtil_Extension

public static boolean canSubmitToWorkflow(Common _record, str _workflowType)
boolean ret = next canSubmitToWorkflow(_record, _workflowType);
if (_record.TableId == tableNum(PurchRFQCaseTable))
return true;
return ret;