Convert Power Apps Portal Into A Progressive Web Apps (PWA) : Introduction & Demo

What is Progressive Web App (PWA) ?

PWA is a web app that is optimized to run “like an app” on a mobile device .They look & feel like a Native App and also appear to be a like a native app that you would install from your device’s app store, but actually work within a standard browser. From a development perspective, if you know how to create a web application using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (and now Power Apps portals) you can use these same building blocks to build a mobile application. Twitter, Uber, Pinterest, Tinder, and Google Maps are just some examples of large companies that have embraced PWAs.

What are the benefits of Progressive Web App ?

  • Fast loading and works offline
  • Can be launched from home screen and receive the push notification
  • Junk free scrolling, Smooth Animations, and seamless navigation even on poor networks
  • No app store needed. Users can discover and download apps right from the web, making PWAs more accessible.
  • Run on all devices: website, web app, mobile, desktop

Power Apps Portal as a Progressive Web App (PWA)

You can enable progressive web app (PWA) in Microsoft Power apps portal.

  • You can also customize PWA and can also change offline behaviour.A PWA can be configured to continue to run on a mobile device when connectivity is lost or put in an offline mod
  • Once your PWA customization will be completed, you can create or generate an app package and distribute in Google Play store or Microsoft Store. To create app package, select Create app package under App package in Progressive web app in portals Studio. You’ll be taken to PWA builder where you can create app package for various app stores such as Microsoft Windows Store and Google Play Android Store and step-by-step document to publish app in respective store. You can now publish app in respective app store console.

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