Enable & Disable ControlS In Power Apps

Hello Friends ,

Making a Controls (for example Text Controls, Text input, Label, Button, Dropdown Etc..) enable or disable on some conditions are very common requirement in Microsoft Power Apps.

In my example, I have a text box Control in canvas App of Microsoft Power Apps and 2 Button i.e. “Enable” & “Disable”.

Retry Policy Or Retry Counter in Microsoft Flow/Microsoft Automate

Building Resilient Applications with Retry Pattern | by Maicon Carlos  Pereira | Patrus Transportes | Medium

Many times you can faces issues related to connectivity in Microsoft Flow or Microsoft Power Automate. Connectors and Actions of Microsoft Flow like HTTP, SFTP etc. are not working properly as per your need and you are facing connectivity exceptions.

Luckily you can overcome from these issue by setting Retry Policies in Microsoft Flow or Microsoft Power Automate.