POWER APPS – Aggregate functions [Average, Max, Min, StdevP, Sum, and VarP]

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Aggregate Functions In Microsoft Power Apps –

Syntax is FunctionName(Collection Or DataSource Or Table, ColumnName)

Average function – Calculates the average, or arithmetic mean

Max function -finds the maximum value.

Min function -finds the minimum value.

Sum function -calculates the sum of its arguments.

StdevP -function calculates the standard deviation of its arguments.

VarP -function calculates the variance of its arguments.

We have one Data source Table or collection as mentioned below. Its name is “ProductSalesValue”

Bush Somerset Collection Bookcase261.96
Hon Deluxe Fabric Upholstered Stacking Chairs, Rounded Back731.94
Self-Adhesive Address Labels for Typewriters by Universal14.62
Bretford CR4500 Series Slim Rectangular Table957.5775
Eldon Fold ‘N Roll Cart System22.368
Eldon Expressions Wood and Plastic Desk Accessories, Cherry Wood48.86
Newell 3227.28
Mitel 5320 IP Phone VoIP phone907.152
DXL Angle-View Binders with Locking Rings by Samsill18.504
Belkin F5C206VTEL 6 Outlet Surge114.9
Chromcraft Rectangular Conference Tables1706.184
Konftel 250 Conference phone – Charcoal black911.424
Xerox 196715.552
Fellowes PB200 Plastic Comb Binding Machine407.976

Average function = Average(ProductSalesValue, SalesValue)

Max function = Max (ProductSalesValue, SalesValue)

Min function = Min (ProductSalesValue, SalesValue)

Sum function = Sum (ProductSalesValue, SalesValue)

StdevP = StdevP(ProductSalesValue, SalesValue)

VarP  = VarP (ProductSalesValue, SalesValue)

To learn more about please read link – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/maker/canvas-apps/functions/function-aggregates?WT.mc_id=DX-MVP-5003911

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