Introduction To MICROSOFT Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Introduction To Dynamics 365 Customer Voice:

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice (formerly knows as Microsoft Forms Pro) is an enterprise feedback management application that enables you to easily keep track of the customer metrics that matter most to your business. It provides an easy and friction free experience from creating surveys, for generating actionable insights based on customer feedback with minimal setup time

A dashboard is automatically created for each set of metrics showcasing recent trends & scores. Also you can choose existing inbuilt templates or you can start from blank.

Business Scenarios:

Client wants to start & conduct customer survey program & questionnaire (for example – Exit survey, customer feedback survey, in-store survey, in-store experience survey etc) for their retail B2C customers who are coming in their retail stores or shops. This will help the Client to understand what their customers think about their products, their services & their customer support. These surveys can be conducted in retail stores or other business establishments where it is crucial to know consumer behaviour when they are actually buying or using a product or service or have just bought or used it

The client is already using Microsoft Powerapps & uitlizing its potential and capabilities. The client needs a survey functionalty from microsoft Powerapps so that Client can utilize & configure survey functionalty in their existing developed Microsoft Powerapps or can create new Microsoft PowerApps with minimal time. The Powerapps will run on a TABLET in retail stores.

 The survey response or feedback should save with customer mobile number, email & customer name for tracking in future.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is a product which can be integerated with many applications.

Example of other supported scenarios:

  • Customer satisfaction survey i.e. Integerating Dynamics 365 Customer Voice with Microsoft Flow Or Logic Apps for sending emails to the customers of their recent purchases.
  • Conducting Employee Satisfaction survey.

Creating a survey in Dynamics 365 Customer Voice:

  • Click on + new project.
  • You can choose from existing survey templates or you can also start with BLANK template. In my case I am starting with BLANK
  • Click on next and create a project.
  • Add questionnaire & create a survey as per your business needs. You can choose many types of questions like RATING, CHOICES, SIMPLE TEXT etc. Your final created survery should look this as I mentioned below.

  • In right Pane , you will see an option of “Satisfaction Metrics”. Click on it for adding a “Satisfaction metrics” in your survey
  • Use satisfaction metrics to track trends in collected data.
  • You can send your survery from email or you can use Microsoft Flow or Automate.There are many options.

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