Introduction To Microsoft Dataverse & Differences From CDS

Screenshot showing overview of Microsoft Power Platform.

Introduction – In November 2020, Microsoft renamed or rebranded Common Data Service as Dataverse. This is not first time, Microsoft is renaming and rebranding any product. For example – Microsoft Flow was rebranded as Microsoft power Automate. Dataverse (formerly knows as Common Data Service Or just CDS) allows securely store and mange data that can be used in Power Platform Products like Power Apps or other business apps.

Benefits of Using Dataverse

(1) Easy to manage & store data as Dataverse is based on cloud model

(2) Data is securely stored & role-based security can be implemented.

(3) Dataverse, allowing you to quickly build apps that use your Dynamics 365 data and extend your apps with Power Apps.

Difference between Dataverse & CDS (Common Data Service) – Though Dataverse is a rebranded and renamed CDS (Common Data Service) but there are changes in Terminology as mentioned below

Legacy term (CDS)Current term (Dataverse)
Entity, entitiesTable, tables
Field, fields, Attribute, attributesColumn, columns
Record, recordsRow, rows
Option set, multi select option sets,Picklist, picklistsChoice, choices
Two OptionsYes/No

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