Hey Folks ! I had a requirement in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations where I want to save & download a file from a SHAREPOINT site and from its folder using X++ code. Here i am using classes –


Restore a previous version In Power Apps

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Introduction –

When i started working in Microsoft Power Apps I started to feel that I am missing source control integration with GIT or VSTS/Devops. But then i realized that Microsoft Power apps is focused on helping people build apps without code or less-code. It means that source control Integration with git or VSTS Or Azure DEVOps are not part of those near-term plans and was never a part of plan from Microsoft side,

But good thing is that you can always restore a Microsoft Power app to a previous version that was saved to the cloud from your Power Apps account.

POWER APPS – Aggregate functions [Average, Max, Min, StdevP, Sum, and VarP]

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Aggregate Functions In Microsoft Power Apps –

Syntax is FunctionName(Collection Or DataSource Or Table, ColumnName)

Average function – Calculates the average, or arithmetic mean

Max function -finds the maximum value.

Min function -finds the minimum value.

Sum function -calculates the sum of its arguments.

StdevP -function calculates the standard deviation of its arguments.

VarP -function calculates the variance of its arguments.

Introduction To MICROSOFT Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Introduction To Dynamics 365 Customer Voice:

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice (formerly knows as Microsoft Forms Pro) is an enterprise feedback management application that enables you to easily keep track of the customer metrics that matter most to your business. It provides an easy and friction free experience from creating surveys, for generating actionable insights based on customer feedback with minimal setup time

Introduction To Microsoft Dataverse & Differences From CDS

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Introduction – In November 2020, Microsoft renamed or rebranded Common Data Service as Dataverse. This is not first time, Microsoft is renaming and rebranding any product. For example – Microsoft Flow was rebranded as Microsoft power Automate. Dataverse (formerly knows as Common Data Service Or just CDS) allows securely store and mange data that can be used in Power Platform Products like Power Apps or other business apps.

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SQL Join In Power Apps

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Requirement :

In Microsoft Power Apps there are 2 collections – “Customer” & “CustomerAddress”.

“Customer” collection contain records where CustAccount is unique Key


Try, Catch, and Finally In Microsoft Power Automate/Microsoft Flow | Error Handling Using Scope

Error handling and TRY, CATCH, AND FINALLY are very important tasks in Programing as well in any kind of development & Microsoft Power Automate or Microsoft Flow is no different.

Error handling and TRY, CATCH, AND FINALLY can be easily implemented in MICROSOFT POWER AUTOMATE/MICROSOFT FLOW for handling different different business scenarios.

Power Apps : Filter VS Search VS LookUp functions

Power apps : Understanding What it is and why to use it? – Microsoft  Dynamics CRM/365 by Vishal Grade

Filter function in Microsoft POWER APPS : The Filter function finds records in a table that satisfy a formula. Use Filter to find a set of records that match one or more criteria and to discard those that don’t.

FilterTableFormula1 [, Formula2, … ] )

Lookup  function in Microsoft POWER APPS :The LookUp function finds the first record in a table that satisfies a formula. Use LookUp to find a single record that matches one or more criteria.

LookUpTableFormula [, ReductionFormula ] )

Search  function in Microsoft POWER APPS :The Search function finds records in a table that contain a string in one of their columns. The string may occur anywhere within the column

SearchTableSearchStringColumn1 [, Column2, … ] )

D365/AX7:Upload & Save a File in Azure Blob Storage using X++

Using Azure Blob Storage In Scheduled Tasks | Notificare

Requirement: Saving a file and uploading memory stream of file in Azure BLOB Storage account using X++ in Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations

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D365/AX7: Read & Download a File from Azure Blob Storage Using X++

Part-1: Azure BLOB storage with Dynamics 365 for operations

Requirement – Reading a file & getting the memory stream of file from Azure Blob Storage in Microsoft dynamics 365 for finance and operations using X++.