Power Apps Functions – Remove & RemoveIf

There are functions available for deleting or removing records from datasource or table in Microsoft Power Apps.

Remove Function – Use the Remove function to remove & delete a specific record or records from a data source in Microsoft Power Apps.

RemoveIf Function- Use the RemoveIf function to remove & delete a record or records based on a condition or a set of conditions in Microsoft Power Apps.

Below is the datasource & table – “VehicleMaster in Microsoft Power Apps .

First( Filter( VehicleMaster, Colour=”Red” ) ) )
Removes one record from “VehicleMaster” where colour equal to “Red”
First( Filter(VehicleMaster, Colour=”Red” ) ) First( Filter(VehicleMaster, Colour=”Blue” ) ) )
Removes two records from “VehicleMaster” wher colour equal to “Red” & colour equal to “Blue”
RemoveIf(VehicleMaster, Seats <= 6)Remove all the records from “VehicleMaster” where Seats are less than equal to 6
RemoveIf(VehicleMaster, Seats <= 6, Left(Colour, 1 ) = “B” )Remove all the records from “VehicleMaster” where Seats are less than equal to 6 & colour starts with “B”
RemoveIf(VehicleMaster, true )Remove all the records from “VehicleMaster”

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  1. Fantastic post! The explanation on the Power Apps functions, Remove and RemoveIf, is very clear and helpful. These functions provide a convenient way to manipulate collections within Power Apps, and the examples provided in the article demonstrate the usage effectively. I appreciate the insights and tips shared in this article, and I am sure it will be valuable for both experienced and beginner Power Apps users. Thank you for sharing this information!

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