D365/AX7: DPL & ZPL Label Using X++ Class WhsDocumentRouting


DPL & ZPL Label printing from D365 Finance and operation browser using X++ Class.


Install Document Routing Agent & at-least one active printer should be there in your D365 Finance and operation  environment.


Sample Code

WhsDocumentRouting::printLabelToPrinter(“Your Active Printer Name”, ‘Your String or text’);


D365/AX7:Data Entity Staging Tables Clean Using Direct SQL(Fastest Way)

Requirement & Issue

Data Entity Staging Tables clean up is one of the most important maintenance activities.The amount of data stored in a database has a great impact on its performance.Huge and unnecessary data can lead to slowness & decrease performance of the D365 Finance and operation.

There is no standard functionality & fast way to clean unnecessary data & records from Data Entity Staging Tables Using Direct SQL.

Sample Program

Below program is fastest way to truncate all the Data Entity Staging Tables in one go using direct SQL.

**** you can modify the below program as per your need***

[code language=”cpp”]
class ACXDataStagingCleanUpTableClass
public void operation()
DMFEntity DMFEntity;
RecId oldRecId;
while select * from DMFEntity
order by RecId asc
where DMFEntity.RecId > oldRecId
oldRecId = DMFEntity.RecId;
if (DMFEntity.EntityTable like ‘*Staging’)
public void cleanUp(int _tableName)


Connection connection = new Connection();
Statement statement;
int resultSet;
int rowCount;
str sql = strFmt(‘TRUNCATE TABLE %1;’, new DictTable(_tableName).name(DbBackend::Sql));

statement = connection.createStatement();
new SqlStatementExecutePermission(sql).assert();
resultSet = statement.executeUpdate(sql);