D365/AX7:SysDa In X++..Query Classes killer?


In D365 FO PU 22, Microsoft introduced a new set of API for performing DML commands- select, update, delete & insert .This is called SysDa (System Data Access).

what makes SysDa different from simple X++ select statements or query object models?…

  1. SysDa is extensible whereas simple X++ select, update, delete, insert statements are not.
  2. SysDa supports update_recordSet, delete_recordSet, Insert_recordset where as Query classes or query object model does not support recordSet commands.
  3. SysDa performance is as good as simple X++ select, update, delete, insert statements.

Indeed, SysDa is a great new feature but does it mean SysDa is a Query Classes killer?….

No…Query classes or query object model still has upper hand on some parts.You can create a query directly in AOT and can use it view, reports etc. without writing a single line code.You can reuse a query again and again.The best thing about query you can pass comma separated string values like (100,101,102,103) as filter range but the same you cannot achieve it SysDa.




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