D365/AX7:Extend Standard Item lookup in Sales Order, Transfer Order, Inventory Journals etc


Some new custom fields are created on extension of table InventTable.Customer wants to see these custom fields in the item lookup of sales order, transfer order & inventory journals etc.


  1. Create the extension of table InventTable and add your custom fields.
  2. Create the extension of view InventItemIdLookupSimpleView and add your custom fields.
  3. Create the extension of form InventItemIdLookupSimple and add your custom fields in the GRID of the form.
  4. Create the extension of class InventItemIdLookupSimple

[code language = “cpp”]
final class AcxInventItemIdLookup_Extension
protected void addStandardFields()
List lookupFields1 = lookupFields;
next addStandardFields() ;
lookupFields1.addEnd((fieldNum(InventItemIdLookupSimpleView, AcxItemCode)));// added my custom field
lookupFields = lookupFields1;



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