D365/AX7: “Module dependency graph has cycles” Issue and Resolution


Error “Module dependency graph has cycles” is occurring at the time of doing any changes or update in existing model or creating a new model or event at the time of running “Build Models”.


The reason is when one model is dependent on a second model and the second model is dependent on the first model.It means one model contains a reference of second model and second model also contains the reference of first model.


1. Go to the AOSService folder located on the main drive.
2. In the AOSService folder open the PackagesLocalDirectory folder.
3. Now in this folder, you’ll find all the models. Locate your model and open the folder.
4. In this folder locate to Descriptor Folder.
5. Copy this file to any location of your choice and open it in any text editor.
6. Remove the tag that contains the model which is not present and is the source of the error.
7. Finally copy this file back to the original location and replace the file in the destination folder.
8. Refresh models in Visual Studio and you’re good to go.


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